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Selling - B100 Biodiesel, B99, B20, B5

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Quantity: 1 Gallons Total - 100,000 Gallons Total

Delivery Point: Ships from Minden, NV

Delivery Term: Annually, starts 06/17/2013 - ends 12/31/2013

Poster Info

Carlo Luri

Bently Biofuels Company, LLC

Director of Business Development

  • Gasoline/Diesel


B100 Biodiesel, B99, B20, B5 Show More

Delivery Details

Bently Biofuels Company, LLC has been manufacturing biodiesel from locally sourced used cooking oil since 2005. Bently is a licensed fuel vendor in Nevada and California and can deliver bulk loads of biodiesel or blends in its dedicated fleet of trucks statewide. Member of the National Biodiesel Board and California Biodiesel Alliance. Registered with RFS and LCFS. QA fuel certificates are available to customers upon request. For more information contact: Carlo Luri, Director of Business Development carlo@bentlyenterprises.com or 775-720-0754

Payment Terms

Terms negotiable

Listing Expires 12/31/2099