U.S. reports oil reserves highest since 1976

By The Associated Press

Crude oil reserves in the U.S. grew for the fourth straight year, reaching the highest level since 1976, according to an Energy Department report released Thursday.

The report says reserves grew 4.5 billion barrels, or 15 percent, to 33 billion barrels in 2012.

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Pricelock Successfully Completes Auction of Over 150 BCF of Natural Gas Worth in Excess of $650 Million

Pricelock, the most innovative platform for energy professionals to transact, network, recruit and search for jobs, announced that it had successfully completed an auction for over 150 BCF of baseload natural gas with a notional value in excess of $677 million. Ten suppliers, including some of the largest producers, investment banks and marketing companies, participated in the auction. The entire auction process took less than two hours. learn more >

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Pricelock Partners With Hyundai to Lock in Low Fuel Prices

Pricelock announced today it is partnering with Hyundai Motor America to implement a new program that will lock in the price of fuel at $1.49/gallon for one year for purchasers of select new car models. The deal, which is expected to drive dealership traffic and increase new car sales, highlights Pricelock’s evolution as the premier […]

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Hyundai Offers a $1.49 Price Lock on Gas

Hyundai, in partnership with Pricelock, will offer consumers $1.49/gallon on fuel purchases with the purchase of a qualifying Hyundai vehicle this summer. The gas giveaway comes on top of other offers that have helped Hyundai boost its share of the U.S. auto market from 2.9% to 4.2% so far this year. learn more >

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